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[Shinzon sounds bad. He's been beaten pretty badly, and sounds like he's trying to keep his voice very, very controlled. He really doesn't want anyone to know ho much he's hurting.] Major Henry West, Billy Costigan, and Paddy Maguire saw fit to establish themselves as jury and executioners in a trial I was not aware I was on. Either those in charge on this ship condone this pathetic vigilantism, or they do not.

I expect each of them to be punished. Severely.

(((God I kept forgetting about this. Backdated to sometime after this log. It's not finished, so I have no idea if this is supposed to be death toll or just serious damage. And he totally isn't in the infirmary.)))

HE STILL HATES YOU. And he's trolling.

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Do you have any proof?


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For Paddy, yes, but for the others?

Don't smack a cripple!

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Because I am a just man, unlike you.

Well, if he can get into Judas's room. And doesn't mind an angry Puritan.

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A criminal.


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lostundercover: (beating on sullivan (the departed))


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I--do you need my help?

[Let's just say she's a little conflicted after spending time with kid!Shinzon and being all sympathetic towards him, only to have this version back again.]

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Their wardens will see to their punishments.

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I can't dictate how their wardens punish them, Shinzon. All I can do is ask them to do something. If you like, I'll request that those particular inmates stay away from you.

How badly hurt are you? Do you need to see a doctor? [And then it's like she has to force herself a little to say the next part. She's trying, okay?] I'll help you, if you need it.


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I confessed and got thrown in zero. The other fuckers had nothing to do with it, so I don't know what you're talking about.

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Come on, Shinzon. You know it's only fucking me who's got shit with you. Don't know where you got the other two from.

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I'm not a fucking warden, say that to them. What comes of it comes of it. I held my hands up, not much more I can do.
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If it was really that "pathetic," you wouldn't sound like hell.


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I don't recall such a thing.