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[There are's a very short transmission, unintentional; it's silence, then the sounds of something being thrown, before cutting out. Any one on level two might be able to hear him ransacking his room.]

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[Well, that transmission certainly caught Kahlan's attention. What could he possibly be angry about this time? She figures she should probably go and find out, whether he wants her there or not. Chances are he won't, but that's really nothing unusual.

So, she walks the short distance from her cabin his and knocks loud enough to be heard over all the commotion from inside.] "Shinzon, it's Kahlan."

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[She peered around him, a little surprised at the mess.] "I just came to see if everything was all right."

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"I know. None of us knew who we were. But the flood is over now, why are you tearing your room apart?" [Clearly she's not recalling his identity issues right now.]

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[Kahlan flinched a little, not expecting him to do that. But now she gets it.] "Ah, I see." [Long pause and then she glances at his knuckles.] "Perhaps we should bandage your hand."

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[She stayed in the doorway, not daring to step any further.] "Even so, you remember everything now and you're still yourself."

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[Kahlan crossed her arms and leaned against the door jam.] "You are the person you were made to be: Praetor Shinzon. And you're the same foul tempered, quick to anger person you were before this flood. Just because you couldn't remember, doesn't mean it changed you."

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"Yes, you were. But you're not him."

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"So what prevented you from becoming him?" [After a moment's pause.] "Would you prefer to be him as opposed to who you are now?"

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[Kahlan took one step into his room and stopped.] "You could be too."

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"Then who are you, Shinzon?" [She was trying to help, but she didn't quite know how to have this conversation with him. But at least she was trying.]

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"Then perhaps you should take the time to try to learn what kind of man you are."

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[Kahlan didn't bother to argue, since it would most likely lead to an argument, so she just turned around and left.]


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Stop that. I can hear you down the hallway.

he still hates you in case you didnt see that, Shinzon

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Then don't listen.