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[There's a very long silence, as if Shinzon's sitting in the dark without paying the recorder much attention for a few minutes. Then there's some movement, and a very quiet:]

No more.

[The door opens and closes quietly; he never shut off the recording.]

(((Okay! Anyone who volunteered here and here, this is it. Shinzon's snapped and is going to be wandering through the halls hurting or killing anyone he comes across. If you want to spam or assume, I'm down either way! Claire, Bob can take him down at the end, if you're still up for that. c:)))

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[Alastair knows a crazy voice when he hears it. If only he enjoyed popcorn...]
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Bob was walking the levels again, having gotten some rest since people have started to check out of the infirmary. He'd even gone back to the library work.

He'd heard Shinzon's recording, but didn't really know what he'd meant.

(((I am. Restrain and tie up, right? And where would you like to be?)))

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[Bob spotted the thin man out of the corner of his eye. Apparently, a rampage was the solution, given the amount of blood. He moved to intercept him, but kept enough distance away in case he was armed.] Stop.

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[Bob put him in the man's way.] Stop. [His voice was only the slightest bit firmer.]

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[Bob's first reaction was to deflect the hand away. He looked down and spotted the edge of what looked like a knife.] I think you'd better stop.

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[Instead of angling that away, he allowed the path of knife to continue, angling his face away. He balled his fist and headed it towards the man's throat, to wind him or hopefully knock him over.]

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[Bob caught it on the back swing, twisting it away, putting his own body between Shinzon's hand and body. He readied a elbow to hit behind him, should Shinzon continue to struggle.]

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[Bob's arm went back powerfully and he continued to twist the arm until Shinzon would be forced to drop it.]

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[He succeeded, for the most part, Bob was not a light man, but he took another swing at Shinzon, hoping to connect with the inside of the joint of the arm that was reaching for him.]

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[Bob was disinclined to make the give him the room as he aimed his other fist at his stomach.]

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[Bob reached for Shinzon's hand with one of his and pulling out his lanyard with the other. It was time to end this.]

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[Again Bob used the other man's momentum to his advantage, pulling the hand in his grasp and twisting them both so that Shinzon was pushing roughly into the wall. He reached for Shinzon's other hand so he could tie them both together.]

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[Bob ignored the plummelling of his legs, even though he felt pain because of it, pushing Shinzon even harder against the wall with his weight and continuing to reach for the free hand.]

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[The effort succeeded, but Bob had both hands now and wasn't inclined to let go. He used his lanyard and started to tie him up.]

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[The knot tied, Bob sent a message to Kahlan before sending it Warden-wide.]

OOC:Assume from now?


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[Kahlan is being tortured by Shinzon. Go. :D]


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[Wtf why are you looking at me like that. Assassin says grr.]

Can I help you?


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[Well shit, I'm being stabbed with a butter knife. Have some gagging noises or something.]