voiceshall_echo: (And my voice will echo through time)

And my Voice shall Echo through Time

long after yours has faded to a dim memory

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Name:Shinzon of Remus
Birthdate:Jan 29
Shinzon is a deeply troubled individual. The Romulans created him, a clone of Captain Jean-Luc Picard - his purpose since 'birth' was to replace Picard, become him. Then the Romulans abandoned the planand abandoned him to the dilithium mines of Remus. He found kindness in his Reman brothers, hatred under the lashes of the Romulan guards, and a desolate loss. He was to see neither sun nor stars for ten years; when Shinzon emerged, he was a changed man. In an attempt to meet and understand the man he was meant to become, Shinzon orchestrated a grandiose plot - but he was not to see it to its genocidal end, killed by Picard. He thought Jean-Luc could shortly follow him in death.
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