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22nd-Apr-2010 01:44 am - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (I'm Jesus. Make the comparisons.)
[There are some sounds of thrashing, and choking sounds that are somewhere between COMPLETELY AGONIZED and ANGRY AS HELL. It's a short while before Shinzon speaks, and when he does, it's raspy and pretty damn pain filled.]

Not yet, I said not yet!

[He managed to yell that last bit, which leaves him pretty out of breath and dizzy; which is apparent by that thumping sound of him falling over. He mumbles to himself, mostly too quiet to hear, but every now and then phrases like 'Romulan whore' pop up.]

I need more time! [And then there's just labored breathing. Shinzon's life sucks.]

(((Okay so! Shinzon's been missing since the Masterworld port. He took advantage of the chaos and hopped on a ride off world. He's had maybe a month or two out in the real world to find out that the Remans broke off from the Romulan Empire but aren't exactly flourishing, that Romulus is actually dealing with the Federation, and that Commander Donatra, the ho that betrayed him, is in a really, really prominent position. (OH AND PICARD HAS A BABY ON THE WAY. SHINZONSMASH.) Shinzon had all these plans about 'fixing' things, but without a magic fix, his cellular structure started breaking down again. Without any help this time, he died pretty much alone and in agony. So. Shinzon is going to be extra awful from here on out. :>)))
10th-Apr-2010 06:55 pm - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (So what am I?)
This has been a study in uselessness. Self-evaluation forms? What amounts to a time out?

I am finished. Send me home. This is a waste. My people need me.

(((Someone's taking Judas' disappearance badly. Unexpectedly. :| Derp.)))
15th-Nov-2009 10:32 pm - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (gonna kill you dead)
I want off this pathetic excuse for a ship, immediately. I have no interest in your 'redemption.' [He isn't being self-righteous to avoid being afraid at all, nope.] I was content enough with my death. [More like he was content thinking Picard was going to join him soon. Shinzon's feeling lost, and doing his damndest to keep from sounding that way. Actually, he's pretty good at that.] I would rather be impaled again than serve no purpose here.
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