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4th-Dec-2009 08:29 pm - [Voice]
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I believe I won't be here much longer; it has been an interesting experience, to say the very least. My thanks to those who made myself and the other visitors welcome. I believe a few notes are in order, before my time here comes to a close.

Regarding Shinzon - he is a troubled individual, but he has the potential to be much more. I have no doubt that he can be redeemed, but I expect the path will not be a smooth one - and I must apologize to those that may suffer for it.

[Private to Kirk]

[Just leaving a note, either for Bones!Jim or Jim!Jim or both.] I was informed that he tried to drown you; you have my sincerest apologies, Captain, and my advice: do not provoke him. I do not doubt that you are capable of handling yourself, but Shinzon is arrogant, and has a temper. I hope he does not take it out on you agian.

[Private to Kahlan]

If you will accept my advice, Ms. Amnell, be wary of Shinzon. He is not known for his manners. He attacked a member of my crew, and hearing of his actions with Captain Kirk leaves me unsettled. I believe you will do well by him, but he can be dangerous. Be on guard around him.

[Private for Shinzon]

I did not lie. You and I have the same potential, Shinzon - not to be the same being, but to lead full and separate lives. You are better than you've allowed yourself to become. You've the potential to be a great man - a great human. You are human, denying that will not help you. You used to look to the stars and dream, Shinzon - do not let that slip from your fingers.
2nd-Dec-2009 06:50 pm - [Voice]
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[Aren't you loving those dulcet tones of Patric Stewart Captain Picard? He's just quietly musing to himself.]

I have never been on a ship quite this large; it is a most interesting vessel that Shinzon's found himself on.

I understand that this is a prison ship of sorts; and that the Prime Directive apparently holds no sway here. Though how it cannot-- My name is Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the starship Enterprise-E. I am...here for Shinzon. For the time being, I hope.

(((OOC: So lol, I have no idea how to play Picard, so you get to put up with my suck. :[ Sorry. <3)))
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