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11th-May-2010 12:20 am - [Voice]
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[Shinzon sounds bad. He's been beaten pretty badly, and sounds like he's trying to keep his voice very, very controlled. He really doesn't want anyone to know ho much he's hurting.] Major Henry West, Billy Costigan, and Paddy Maguire saw fit to establish themselves as jury and executioners in a trial I was not aware I was on. Either those in charge on this ship condone this pathetic vigilantism, or they do not.

I expect each of them to be punished. Severely.

(((God I kept forgetting about this. Backdated to sometime after this log. It's not finished, so I have no idea if this is supposed to be death toll or just serious damage. And he totally isn't in the infirmary.)))
23rd-Mar-2010 11:27 pm - [Voice]
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[He's in Zero and bored and hates everyone.]

I can't believe none of you are intelligent enough to realize it was not a bomb.

In case any of you are specially slow learners, let me be quite clear: it was not a bomb.

Destro was exceptionally mistaken. It wasn't a neutron bomb that killed you. It wasn't a neutron bomb that attacked your systems and rotted your flesh and emptied your bodies of moisture.

One grows tired of hearing such falsities repeated so damned frequently.
17th-Nov-2009 10:41 am - [Voice]
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Perhaps I was mistaken. This is no prison, it's a playground. Does everyone act so childishly all the time, or does it come out at regular intervals? How you manage this 'reformation' is ludicrous. This ship is more a vacation than a jail. One I would rather not have, but all the same.

Are inmates usually allowed to run rampant? This system is flawed - but I hardly expect its resolution.
15th-Nov-2009 10:32 pm - [Voice]
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I want off this pathetic excuse for a ship, immediately. I have no interest in your 'redemption.' [He isn't being self-righteous to avoid being afraid at all, nope.] I was content enough with my death. [More like he was content thinking Picard was going to join him soon. Shinzon's feeling lost, and doing his damndest to keep from sounding that way. Actually, he's pretty good at that.] I would rather be impaled again than serve no purpose here.
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