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11th-May-2010 12:20 am - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Plotting to eat your children.)
[Shinzon sounds bad. He's been beaten pretty badly, and sounds like he's trying to keep his voice very, very controlled. He really doesn't want anyone to know ho much he's hurting.] Major Henry West, Billy Costigan, and Paddy Maguire saw fit to establish themselves as jury and executioners in a trial I was not aware I was on. Either those in charge on this ship condone this pathetic vigilantism, or they do not.

I expect each of them to be punished. Severely.

(((God I kept forgetting about this. Backdated to sometime after this log. It's not finished, so I have no idea if this is supposed to be death toll or just serious damage. And he totally isn't in the infirmary.)))
5th-Dec-2009 12:02 pm - [Voice]
The potential.

I will not be his echo. I will not. And I won't live in his shadow.

Should have left me dead!

[And those sounds are the sounds of Shinzon destroying the bow common room on the second floor.]
13th-Nov-2009 10:42 pm - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Look in the mirror and see yourself.)
[Sounding quite disgusted] Am I to understand that even in this 'enlightened' age, prison ships still exist? Barbarism knows no cultural bounds, clearly.

[He falls silent a moment, and the only sounds are very faint breathing, before continuing quietly.] I died. I don't understand died. This should not be possible - even the degeneration has--

[Another lapse of silence; with some sharp, unsettled movements. When he starts again, it's angrily.] Who saw fit to involve themselves? Whose doing is this? Our destiny was complete. This elusive admiral seems to have inserted his attention where it was not wanted before. Nothing gives him the right to play at being a god.

This is unacceptable.

...Where is my ship?
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