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7th-Sep-2010 10:10 am - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Fuck this really kinda hurts help meeee)
How many of you tolerate the presence of your doubles here? Why do you tolerate them?

[Because he can't decide if this shit disturbs him, or just makes him ragingly jealous.]
22nd-Aug-2010 04:12 pm - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Well this is some bullshit.)
[Private to the Cuckoos]

[As dry as a voice can be:] Are you alive?

[Because he's been looking around this place for a while now, and there's no freaking way out. There go his port escape plans. Which means there's nothing else to do but get the girls. Maybe.]
19th-Aug-2010 01:37 am - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Can't read my p-p-polker face.)
I've heard that when someone falls over the rail, that person dies. He doesn't come back. Is this true?

[Yeah, Shinzon's loitering on the deck. He's very tempted to do a swan dive off the barge, but facts are good things to have. So, loitering. Which involves a lot of pacing. Spam at will, someone might want to stop him. :\]
4th-Jul-2010 10:32 pm - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Is that a breakthrough or a backslide)
My warden's left. I'm tired of wasting my days here.
25th-Jun-2010 01:35 pm - [Voice/Spam]
voiceshall_echo: (Can't read my p-p-polker face.)
[There's a very long silence, as if Shinzon's sitting in the dark without paying the recorder much attention for a few minutes. Then there's some movement, and a very quiet:]

No more.

[The door opens and closes quietly; he never shut off the recording.]

(((Okay! Anyone who volunteered here and here, this is it. Shinzon's snapped and is going to be wandering through the halls hurting or killing anyone he comes across. If you want to spam or assume, I'm down either way! Claire, Bob can take him down at the end, if you're still up for that. c:)))
30th-May-2010 12:56 am - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Out of my sight.)
[Private to Kahlan]

[This is Shinzon's wary voice. SO WARY.]

Are you affected by this flood as well?
17th-May-2010 08:36 pm - [Voice/Spam]
voiceshall_echo: (Finally complete)
[There are's a very short transmission, unintentional; it's silence, then the sounds of something being thrown, before cutting out. Any one on level two might be able to hear him ransacking his room.]
11th-May-2010 12:20 am - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Plotting to eat your children.)
[Shinzon sounds bad. He's been beaten pretty badly, and sounds like he's trying to keep his voice very, very controlled. He really doesn't want anyone to know ho much he's hurting.] Major Henry West, Billy Costigan, and Paddy Maguire saw fit to establish themselves as jury and executioners in a trial I was not aware I was on. Either those in charge on this ship condone this pathetic vigilantism, or they do not.

I expect each of them to be punished. Severely.

(((God I kept forgetting about this. Backdated to sometime after this log. It's not finished, so I have no idea if this is supposed to be death toll or just serious damage. And he totally isn't in the infirmary.)))
29th-Apr-2010 07:00 pm - [Voice]
voiceshall_echo: (Harshing my mellow here)
[There's a long silence at first. Very long silence, because dude. He has a PADD. He hasn't sen these in a few years. Then he speaks in Reman, a simple sentence. He repeats it in Romulan after a few minutes. Finally, he asks in Standard, which hey, is a lot like English.]

What new trick is this?
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